The seventh day from Russia was a fun one. What better way to celebrate such good times but by having a Hallas be the guest blogger? Gabrielle is a student leader at Merge Ministries and a closet hip-hop star/rodeo legend. Enjoy her poem (and video):

Feelin like Rapunzel hanging out of my tower,

Writin out this rap while I wait for a brown shower.

We got a twin bed, but don’t worry it fits two.

Eatin bleenies all day ‘cause the rest is pork stew.

The word of the week, we call it “interesting”.

Donna’s gunna pay cause she makes us girls sing…

Jesus loves me this I know,

Teachin Olga what it means to say “Fo-Sho”.

Jordan’s screaming in her sleep,

Her words deserve a bleep.

Rouge roosters all around are Kiana’s greatest fear.

Today as we walked they brought her eyes to tears.

Now Marshel met her at McDonalds, twas love at first sight.

His heart went pitter-patter, this he could not fight.

(RSVP Marshel and Maria)

We tour the monastery while defiling the rug.

Monks yell at me in Russian, I just have to shrug.

Donna reassured us, It’d make our new friends flutter.

But trust me when I say, they hate our peanut butter.

Ne’er thought in Russia I’d be sitting on a bull.

Riding for eight seconds, it was my only goal.

To finish let me give a shout out to my mother,

Happy Birthday Mom, Daddy, and big brother!


4 thoughts on “Gabrielle

  1. Liz Vachon says:

    Gabrielle, Absolutely PRICELESS!!!
    Every team has people who are so good at what they do. You are the Enthusiastic, get everybody up and jumping around team member!! I laughed & laughed & saw the love that you are giving to your team & to the people of Russia in your words!! So proud of you! Love you…


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