Is there a more fitting end to our Russian blogs than how we first began? Donna Bishop has agreed to share her experiences with the Merge Student Ministries team (tomorrow we will do our best to post a video and then Wednesday we will put a link to the audio of our team’s testimonies). Just one more friendly reminder that everyone from the church at Maltby is invited to join Merge this Wednesday at 7pm to hear our Russia Stories.

As for Donna, our relationship sure has been strengthened. Memories, memories, memories. She is absolutely in her element when she is on Russian soil. A princess, indeed. But in all seriousness, her heart for Kursk is so large. And her passion translates into action. “Alone No More” is sharing and showing the love of Christ in ways that would not be believed had they not been witnessed first-hand. Oh, and by the way, no matter what Donna tells you…Russians do not like peanut butter and wifi in McDonalds is magical. Here are her thoughts:

Thank you, everyone at MCA, for trusting the Lord enough to let your youth come to Russia with me. You are now part of a great work in progress, here in Kursk. There is no longer a mystery about Russia or the Russians. They are just like us. They desire the same things for their children and orphans as we do for ours.

This youth team stepped off the bus and right into the work of “Alone No More.” They never complained, never held back, always stepped up, and served no matter what was asked of them. They visited four orphanages, met with several groups of orphanage graduates, held a youth service for young people just back from their camps, and then (when they were completely exhausted) they went to a village on the Ukrainian border for an overnight Bible camp.

I have prayed and dreamed about a youth team for five years and now that dream has become a reality.

What our youth have done here in Kursk, to touch lives and hearts, will be remembered for another generation.

Thank you to the families and to Justin for his incredible leadership and humor. Most of all, my thanks to our Lord for His favor, protection, and grace.


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