I was so excited for today’s fantasy football league draft. We are doing a “keeper league” this year. Something I have wanted to try for quite a few years. The idea behind it is that you select a team that you keep year-in and year-out (drafting, trading, cutting, signing just as you would in a real league) rather than begin with new players each and every season. More strategy.

But then some good friends showed up unexpectedly at our church’s Sunday morning gathering. I was so excited to see them. The chance to go to lunch and catch up was too much to resist. Besides, Jana needed to take the children home anyways for a much needed nap after a long (but good) vacation. The thought was, because she already had to go home, she could always begin my draft and I could continue it after my time with friends.

That was until I received a phone call from her while I was driving home. She could not figure it out exactly and I did not know what a keeper league draft board looked like in order to explain it over the phone. She was obviously frustrated. I didn’t blame her. This was not something she should have to bother with. But she was kind enough to try. And try she did. Three draft cycles in and she had grown absolutely furious. She was getting out-bid by Ryan’s team each and every time. So she continued to bid higher and higher. No luck. That is until she finally realized that “Ryan’s team” was actually “Ryan’s Daddy.” That happened to be my team name. Guess I should have told her that before she drafted me three running backs for a whole lot of limited team cash.

It is not her fault. But it is funny. Now I have four really good players and a few that I had to scrounge up for under $14. Check out my team and tell me what you think. I will keep you posted on my progress. My guess is that it might take me about three seasons to recover from “RyanGate.” At least I have an excuse if I do poorly. The downside is that if I do good then my wife gets all of the credit. By the way, I am projected to win week one.


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