I have been given a bad rap. Many people mistakenly believe that I do not enjoy Christmas music. That statement is only partially true. Allow me to explain. For the longest time, my wife had only a limited amount of Christmas music in our family library. And by limited, I mean all three of the Amy Grant Christmas albums. All three. So, every year when we would go to cut our tree down, decorate it, eat nachos (yes, nachos as a tribute to the Beal-side of the family), read the Christmas story, and drink egg nog – Amy Grant would be singing her heart out from within the iPod player.

It must have been four to five years ago that I began a new tradition in the Farley home – I chose to buy Jana a new Christmas album on the day that we decorate our tree. We have slowly but surely added to our collection over the years. And I have sense discovered something. It is not that I hate Christmas music…it is that I hate AMY GRANT Christmas music. Who would have thought? I would have never had known that had I not decided to do something kind for someone else despite my own personal preferences.

This revelation reminds me of another eye-opening experience that has occurred in my life. I was probably nine years at the time. My Uncle Mike took my cousins and me to Wendy’s. I was so terrified. I had never been to Wendy’s. I was told that I hated Wendy’s hamburgers. My mother and sister could not stand them and therefore I had probably never been there. But I was also taught something else at an early age – to always eat what is given to me (especially when I am the guest). So I ate it. And I loved it. Wendy’s quickly became my fast food restaraunt of choice.

Taste buds change every three years. So I wonder what else I have missed out on in life. The things that I would not do because someone else told me not to? Or the things I tried at one time but maybe was not quite ready for?

I don’t every want to become stuck in my ways. And even worse, impose those opinions and ideas on someone else. I want to grow. Learn. Live. Listen. And even eat?

Just for the record, this year’s Christmas addition is courtesy of by the band called “She & Him.” The best one yet, in my opinion. But you need to give it a listen for yourself.


One thought on “Grant

  1. Amy Grant Christmas Music??! I love Christmas music and I do not like Amy Grant at all. Her music vacuums, vacuums most hardcore. Like a massive 3000 foot tall Hoover or dust buster I am unable to express the absolute “outer space” levels of her music, um…sucking.

    I am glad you came around on Wendy's, they have the best National Fast Food burgers around. We need more people like you going out into the world and proclaiming the goodness of Wendy's burgers. Go in peace my friend and may the frosty be with you.


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