The Bible reads, “John wore wild clothes made from camel hair with a leather belt around his waist – the clothes of an outcast, a rebel. He ate locusts and wild honey” (Matthew 3:4, The Voice).

The Voice commentators suggest, “Sometimes when people see John they are reminded of the last time God’s people had wandered in a wilderness – after the exodus from Egypt…They think perhaps John is inaugurating a new exodus. Actually, that is a pretty good way to think of it” (114).

Maybe it is time for Christians to be asked to be strange again? I am not proposing that we wear camel hair and eat wild honey in the wilderness. I don’t think we go out of our way to look or act odd, necessarily. But I do believe that we must be different. That we must show a different way of living. That we make a difference with our words and actions. That we are clearly a part of a new Rescue.

One note of caution: Make sure you are sending the right message. Sinners were attracted to John the Baptist. They wanted to repent. They wanted what they knew was lost. They were reminded of who they used to be and wanted a New Day. So as we takes on the Way of Christ – make sure that people are responding to us as they did to Jesus.

And who did not initially respond well to John the Baptist? Who did he target with the harshest of his words? Calling them sons of snakes? Those who had the most to lose.

So show trust and obedience. There will be a cost. Make sure that your motive is always to prepare the way and not to attract attention to yourself. We are the messengers – not the Message.


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