Jesus instructs, “Follow me! And let the dead bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:22, The Voice).

The Voice commentators suggest, “Does Jesus say, ‘Fair enough, you must of course bury your father. Just catch up with me when you are done?’ No. This is one of the strange and radical things Jesus brings about – our families are no longer our families. Our deepest bonds are not those of blood. Our family now is found in the bonds of fellowship made possible by this Jesus” (161).

Wow. Could you imagine if we as disciples of Jesus thought of our church – the people of the church, not the building we call church – as our family? If we redefined (aka rediscovered) the term ‘fellowship’? That it was more than a ‘fun’ event or one that centered around food. But that the church could actually exemplify a connection that SURPASSED that of family?

And that anyone could be invited to take part? Who wouldn’t want to go? Who wouldn’t want to be?


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