Even John the Baptist had his moments. He had no problem dying – as long as it was not for a lie. He needed Jesus to come through for him. He needed Jesus to be who he thought he was – because from a distance, this was not what people were expecting the Messiah to be.

Jesus said, “Go back and tell John the things you have heard and the things you have seen. Tell him you have seen the blind receive sight, the lame walk, the lepers cured, the deaf hear, the dead raised, and the good news preached to the poor. Blessed are those who understand what is afoot and stay on My narrow path” (Matthew 11:4-6, The Voice).

People want proof. Can you blame them? But are they getting what they need? Is the church sending the right message? Can they see what is happening in and through us and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is in all of this? Can we say to people, “Go back and tell them these things?” What would we tell them? What would we show them? What signs are we using to point people to Christ?


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