If nothing else, Tim Tebow has shown us that we see what we want to see and that is all that we will ever see. Nothing will change our pre-conceived opinions of him. For critics, it will never be enough. For the committed, it doesn’t have to be much. People have their reasons for hating him and others have their reasons for loving him – and Tim Tebow has little to say (or do) about it. Let’s face it, sometimes we just want a good fight.

But what happens when people argue over more than just football? When the debate is actually about the things in life that actually matter? You want to talk about divisive figures in history? You want to talk about embracing the outcasts and outraging the elite? The Bible says that the common people wondered of Jesus, “Could this be the Son of David [while the professional clergy remarked], “It is only through Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this Jesus can cast out demons” (Matthew 12:23-24, The Voice).

How could two very different groups look at Jesus and reach such very different conclusions? Was it just because they were so different? And wouldn’t you think that their responses would have been reversed? The sinners should have been ashamed? Fled? Fought? Wanted Jesus dead and gone and out of their lives once and for all.

But the experts in the Law? The ones who knew the most about God? Who did everything right? They should have seen Jesus for all that he really was. God in the flesh. They should have worshiped him.

So why do some respond in faith and others in fear? Why do so many rebel for so long only to finally repent? And why do others who claim to know God for so long tend to know him the least?

Can this be true of our churches? Who is attracted to the gospel and who is most repelled? Is it the same as it was for Christ? If not, are we actually being his Body?


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