The Bible reads, “Like the people of Nazareth, Herod wondered where Jesus’ power came from” (Matthew 14:2a, The Voice).

The Voice commentators observe, “Herod is concerned with the attention that John is receiving, but he doesn’t want to be seen killing a holy man. And now, Jesus is creating an even greater problem” (121).

Even a pagan like Herod was intrigued with Jesus. He wanted to know how Jesus did what he did. He probably wanted what Jesus had. Imagine, all that Herod had – and it was not enough. He couldn’t make people like him. He couldn’t make people better. Deep down inside, he knew he was not really a king. And then here comes a man with so little…and yet he had unmistakable authority over sickness, demons, and even nature. Herod would not and could not have it.

So will the same be said about his church? Do people look at us and wonder where our influence and integrity comes from? The peace, the grace, the mercy, the justice…does it drive them crazy? Do we have such power…but clearly not our own and clearly never yielded for our own benefit?

Can this be said of us? Let’s create a greater problem.


One thought on “Antipas

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said Justin, well said. This is my prayer- that people will see me and wonder. Wonder in amazement at my wisdom from God, my peace of God. My humility. May my life be a witness for Christ . A life that draws others to Him
    May all the 'herods' I meet be drawn to Him


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