The King said to his remaining servants, “The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited didn’t rise to the occasion. So go into to the streets and invite anyone you see; invite everyone you meet” (Matthew 22:8a-9, The Voice).

Clearly there are those who will not “rise to the occasion.” They did not take the invitation for the absolute blessing that it was. Either they were busy with other things, they did not think it very important, or worse yet they took their VIP status for granted. Regardless, the party will go on without them.

So what are the servants to do? Invite anyone and everyone? Anyone we see or meet? Even if they do not belong? Even if they are not already a part of the family? What if they don’t have the right clothes? It appears the Host will take care of that…as long as they are willing to trust him enough to try them on.

Maybe this needs to be another reminder to us that the wedding has less to do with us and much more about the Host. We are guests. Once slaves. Now sons. Everything we have – the right to enter, the clothes to wear, the food to eat – is all a gift that was far from deserved.

So why go alone? So go into the streets…


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