Jesus warned, “It is inevitable, this voilent breaking apart of the sinful world, but remember, the wars are not the end. The end is still unfolding. Nations will do battle with nations, and kingdoms will fight neighboring kingdoms, and there will be famines and earthquakes. But these are not the end. These are the birth pangs, the beginning. The end is still unfolding” (Matthew 24:6a-8, The Voice).

Here is what troubles me with much of the modern eschatological works out there at the moment…the great majority of chapters (or books, for that matter) focus on the destruction rather than the re-creation. So much of the emphasis is on how the “old” ends rather than on how the “new” begins.

Every generation of believers, since the Ascension, has believed that they were living in the last of the last days. And I think we must live that way. As long as one’s motivation is the urgency of the mission and anticipation of seeing the Master rather than of fear of uncertainty or relief from discomfort.

But every group has pointed to the calamities of their day as proof that time was running out…and who could blame them? Who could blame us? But is that really where our minds and hearts should be at? These are not the end. The end is still unfolding. In fact, maybe our attention should be less on what is going wrong and more on what we are to do right.

So don’t focus on the war. Look for ways to bring peace. Don’t become paralyzed at the sight of a natural disaster. Be there to rebuild.

Then, and only then, are showing a glimpse of what will be. And what is not yet.


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