The Bible reads, “By God’s word, everything finds rhythm, a place. It fills, empowers, enlivens, and redeems us. But it also divides and destroys. It pierces and exposes our disobedience and unfaithfulness” (Hebrews 4:13, The Voice).

The gospel shocks me. It really does. I am learning that people often need what they do not want. And that they often secretly want that which they don’t even know they need.

Allow me to explain…there are often those messages I dread preaching. Those sermons that I just can’t escape. You know what I am referring to – those passages of Scripture that I wish I could skip over but know that I can do no such thing. Those portions of Christ’s teachings that I think will be far too hard to understand (and far too difficult to obey).

And to my surprise, these are the sermons that often do the most good. These are the gatherings where I see the Spirit do that which I cannot do. These are the very moments that God speaks – and people listen. And they are grateful. Deep down inside they know, and they know, and they know that this is the way that it could be. The way that it should be. They just did not not know how to get there. But then there was Christ. Good news, indeed.

The most fascinating part of the Word? That it sometimes is rejected by all the “right” people. In Jesus’ day, consider who was most upset with the Message? Who wanted Jesus to stop? To disappear? To be punished?

How can something that tastes so good to one person be so bitter to another? Regardless, pass the cup. Offer the Water of Life. You can’t make someone drink. But after all is said and done at least a few will thirst no more.


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