Tonight was an important day in the history of Blue Bridge Church. Our Trustees Team (those chosen to help us in the areas of advisory and accountability) met to complete the legal forms necessary for incorporation. We invited our families for the celebration, as well as one of the members of our Lead Team, so that we could capture the evening in pictures.

Now I am even more excited to meet with our Lead Team on March 4th (are influencers and directors – think pastoral team) and our Launch Team on March 10th (anyone and everyone interesting in going with us to the Tri-Cities). Last night was one crucial step towards us following Christ as a church in loving, growing, and serving.

Some of the highlights from last night were…
* To share these moments with my wife. Jana and I have been praying together for a long time. She has been so patient with me.
* To have my lead pastor (coach, elder, and friend), David Brakke, in attendance as one of our Trustees. He showed a great amount of grace, humility, and joy in helping us learn the process.
* To hear the stories from the Trustees on how and why they have decided to move to the Tri-Cities. They have given up so much already – and all in obedience to Christ and commitment to Bue Bridge. Incredible.
* To watch my friends, from different times in my life, come together for a common purpose. I pray for unity in the midst of our diversity.
* To already have nine children in the room. Wait until the Launch Party! Our choice of family life pastor/director is going to be a crucial one.

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