As I have said before, a great resource for you as your pray for the global church is Johnstone’s “The Future of the Global Church” (read my review at

Along with that, Operation World ( or has released a map of words that might assist you on how to pray for the future of Christ’s church.

Five Ways to Use Your Share-a-Word Map
In addition to providing you with the map above, we have also included this list of five ways you can use the Share a Word map:

1) Use it as a background on your computer to remind you to pray for the global church.

2) Print it out and post it on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator. Pray for the global church as you get ready for work or prepare dinner.

3) Consider doing a presentation about praying for the global church to encourage others to begin praying. Use the map in your PowerPoint to illustrate what people think about the future of the global church.

4) Use it as a conversation starter with your kids. Talk about the words and what they mean. Think about what a church with those descriptions would be like. If you have small children, give them a copy and some crayons so they can color as you talk.

5) Use it with your small group or Sunday school during prayer time. Have each person choose a word and either praise God for what He is doing or pray for a need associated with that word.


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