The Bible reads, “When the law came into the picture, sin grew and grew; but wherever sin grew and spread, God’s grace was there in fuller, greater measure. No matter how much sin crept in, there was always more grace. In the same way that sin reigned in the sphere of death, now grace reigns through God’s restorative justice, eclipsing death and leading to eternal life through the Anointed One, Jesus our Lord, the Liberating King” (Romans 5:20-21, The Voice).

The Voice commentators, suggest, “We arrive here, children of a common ancestor, Adam. As such, we have inherited his traits, physically and spiritually. Although our sin may be of a different sort than his, we sin no less than Adam. The proof of that is death. Adam opens the way for sin and death to pursue us and run rampant across the earth. But from the beginning, God has a plan to reverse the curse. At just the right movement in human history, Jesus arrives, a son of Adam and the Son of God. Through His faithful obedience to His Father, He challenges the twin powers of sin and death and defeats them. Sin no longer reigns unchecked. Death no longer has the last word” (The Voice, 1462).

Every generation of Christ followers seem to believe that they are in the last of the last days. As they should. The disciples would probably had stared up into the heavens until the day that they died had the angels not reminded them that their proper place of waiting was in an upper room. And it would be a divine sense of urgency (combined with Spirit empowerment and Empirical persecution) that would scatter them across the known world. Which by the way, even in the midst of trial and tribulations, they kept their focus on the eternal.

We seem to think that the history of humanity is just one downward spiral. That is just not the case. There have been ebbs and flows. Highs and lows. Maybe our attention should not be on the decline of the culture but on the increase of the church? Could Paul’s words be true – “No matter how much sin [creeps] in, there [is] always more grace.”

Find ways to out-grace sin. Out-live death. Out-liberate slavery. We are now a part of a new family tree – a tree of life.


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