Today was surreal. So much has changed in the past few months (really, in the past few weeks). Who would have thought ten months ago while I was accepting my Master Degree at Southeastern that I would be here – at a pre-launch party for a church plant in the Tri-Cities?

Today was something special. Nearly one-hundred of my friends from all walks of life (Tri-Cities, Moses Lake, Maltby, and beyond). Some family and some not. Some cheering us on. Others going with us. Some old friends and others very new.

There is no turning back now. Announcing to Maltby just a few short weeks ago was monumental. But they were a close-knit community of mine. There was something special (but safe) about that day. But this? A pre-launch party? Telling anyone and everyone who cares to listen about Blue Bridge Church? This is truly a step of faith.

A day I hope to tell my children about. The day I asked others to pray with us, give to us, and go with us. Just the beginning of loving, growing, and serving together. Joining Christ on the mission in my hometown.

October will probably come sooner than we all think. I can’t wait to baptize my friends in water!


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