There are often those memorials or funerals that we are asked to attend where the officient (and all those in attendance) are guilty of making the person out to be far better than they ever were. Today, that was not the case. Donald McElhose was remembered for how he lived. He was joyful. He was gracious. The tribute time nearly lasted an hour. People could not stop thanking him for who he was and for all that he did.

Pastor David Brakke suggested, “You can’t truly live until you are ready to die.” That was true of Don. He knew the Source of his life. He knew the Purpose behind his life. He lived with the end in mind.

Memorials and funerals are simple reminders to us that our lives are not our own. We are far from in control. We have little say in when a life ends – but we do have something to say about how it ends.

What will people say of you when you are long gone? What investment in others will you leave? Will people be better for knowing you? And what (or Who) will you live for? Mr. McElhose was not perfect. But he has now been perfected. He had received grace. And that is why he did not shy away from giving that grace away.

Incredible day of celebrating life because his life first celebrated Christ.


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