I just finished reading Nelson Searcy’s “Maximize: How to Develop Extravagant Givers in Your Church.”

Searcy writes, “The first step to cultivating givers in your church is to educate people regarding the biblical basis of giving – first, by teaching stewardship during your weekend service; second, by teaching that the church’s ministry is supported by its members; and third, by educating your people on the various options for giving available to them” (433).

We are now beginning to challenge the launch team of Blue Bridge Church to begin giving now. And during the pre-launch phase, we are also asking them to consider who in their lives – whether they be friends, family, or other churches – to give a one-time or reoccurring gift to Blue Bridge.

If you would take a moment to pray for Blue Bridge Church’s launch. The start-up expenses are quite a bit more than we initially expected. We are looking for more partnerships to help us cover all equipment, promotional items, salaries/stipends, and operational expenses between now and our weekly launch in January. We hope to raise the necessary funds quickly so that we can hit the ground running and have a great amount of future offerings be funneled back right back into the local community and global causes.

We are asking that our friends and family to be generous now in order to set us up for continual generosity now and later. Find out ways to partner with us at


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