I had the opportunity this morning to share my heart for the Tri-Cities while with Sean Boyd and Fountain Church in Tumwater, WA. Talk about a church planter with a heart for his community.

We know where to go for a broken arm, but where do we turn for a broken heart? Listen in at

I am so grateful for all of the partners (the number continues to grow each and every day) to Blue Bridge Church. But Sean has to be one of my favorites. He first approached me at Annual Conference and asked if I would be willing to speak on a Sunday morning. I told him that he did not understand how much it meant to me to receive my first weekend speaking engagement on behalf of Blue Bridge. He said that he did. He had not very long ago been in my shoes and he did not believe it was right for church planters to have to beg for support.

Sean has encouraged and challenged me in so many ways – all with such grace, humility, and joy.

My prayer now is that somehow and someway Blue Bridge becomes a blessing to the Fountain. As is the case for all of our partners, especially with the church first willing to send us – Maltby Christian Assembly, I pray that our story becomes a part of their story.

By the way, our Fall calendar continues to fill up. Several pastors from around our Network have since invited us in on a Sunday morning (or at least have been willing to give to our startup costs). All of September and all but one Sunday in October is accounted for. There are still a few dates left in November and December.

Pray for us. We will be a generous church right out of the gate – but we need your generosity in order to launch. Go to for more information.


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