I would highly recommend Trinity Jordan’s “Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches: And 12 More Things They Never Told Me About Church Planting.” I was provided a copy of the book directly from the author for review purposes. If interested, paperback copies can be ordered for under $15 at ( or directly from Influence Resources at

One of my favorite chapters was titled, “It’s About Discipleship, Stupid.” Here is the discipleship plan that Jordan wished to put into place at Elevation Church:
* Search Scripture and develop a rough sketch of what a disciple of Jesus looks like.
– A follower of Jesus will listen to Jesus
– A follower of Jesus will be healed by Jesus
– A follower of Jesus will influence others for Jesus
– A follower of Jesus will pray to Jesus
– A follower of Jesus will mature
* Commit to personally discipling others (hand-crafted, not mass produced)
* Don’t recruit people to be part of the early church planting process who will not commit to discipling others
* Develop a discipleship pathway

A few questions to consider:
* Think back on your perception of the church? How has your understanding of the church changed?
* What do you want the primary characteristic of your church to be?

Official Author Biography: Trinity Jordan is the Lead Pastor and founder of Elevation Church in Layton, Utah. He is a frequent speaker at church-planting events, college campuses, and at churches around the world. Trinity has been the host of a television pilot series and is involved with producing feature films. He is a gift communicator, creative thinker, and passionate about seeing people follow Jesus. He lives in Utah with his wife, Ami, and their two young daughters.

Official Book Description: It’s no secret that starting a new church is hard work. Planters can prepare and plan for months or years, but there will inevitably be lessons they can only learn through experience in the field. Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches takes a look into the down and dirty details of church planting through the eyes of a veteran planter and offers advice for those venturing out to start a new faith community.


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