Decision Points

I normally do not read memoirs or autobiographies.  They just cannot be objective.  How many of us are able to share our memories, motives, and mistakes with the utmost accuracy and authenticity.  We too often show ourselves the grace that we refuse to extend our opponents.

Not only that, but time must pass and tensions must cool before fair and balanced criticism and celebrations can be claimed.  That being said, I just could not pass up President George W. Bush’s Decision Points when I came across a copy at a local Value Village.  The price was right for what might turn out to be the perfect vacation read.

Politics aside, here is my takeaway…every leader must look back.  What a task it must have been for a president to narrow his life down to a dozen pivotal decisions and then defend those choices to anyone willing to hear them?

Of course most of us will not have to face the troubles and tragedies that a leader of the free world faces each and every day, but we do have to decide to do the right thing no matter the cost to ourselves.  This makes me wonder if I carve out adequate time in my month or year to reflect.  If I revisit what I did, how I did, and what I learned as a result?

What are some of your decision points?  

Decision Points

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