Dreaming of More for the Next Generation

One of the most exciting aspects of launching Blue Bridge Church will be watching our families utilize Tru.  After much prayer and discussion, Keana Lough (our family life director) and myself, decided that Michelle Anthony’s curriculum best fits our conviction that the parent/guardian is to be the primary discipling agent in the child’s life (while the church is to compliment and cooperate in that venture).  You can read more of about this philosophy by picking up a copy of Spiritual Parenting.  
That being said, I recommend any leader of children or youth to read Anthony’s follow-up work titled Dreaming of More for the Next Generation.  The author writes, “Formation is where kids meet with Jesus; they’re hearing from Him; they’re sitting in solitude and silence.  We don’t often think of kids sitting in solitude and silence, but they can.  And God spekas to them.  This is an important part of how we’re formed.  Spiritual formation is not just when somebody else tells us something, but when God tells it to us or we feel His conviction” (66).  
What habits are we equipping parents and children with based upon our current environments and techniques? 
Dreaming of More for the Next Generation

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