I am still working through Brad Thor’s Scott Harveth Series.  I just wrapped up part four (titled Blowback). 

An intriguing beginning indeed.  The first page reads, “Hannibal is at the gates.”  

As far as the book itself, I was disappointed overall.  Honestly, I probably began this installment with too high of expectations.  I had read on several sites that this was Thor’s best work yet.  It wasn’t.  The “Bond girl” concept is getting old.  I hope the use of a new lady-sidekick in each book does not continue in future releases.  However, this book was probably the most unique.  I felt that Blowback was very Dan Brown-esque.  Mystery over thriller.  He tried to implant more clues than action.  But it did not really work for him. 

My ranking (to date) of Thor’s books…. 

  1. State of the Union 
  2. The Lions of Lucerne 
  3. Blowback 
  4. Path of the Assassin

That being said, I still enjoyed this “brainless fiction”.  I can’t wait to read part five while vacationing on the Oregon Coast . . . . 


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