Anything But a Fantasy…

Why do I play fantasy football?  Every year I manage to do something foolish.  

My first year in this respective league, due to unexpected dinner guests, I had my wife draft for me on a system and style neither one of us were prepared to use (but at least I ended up winning the championship!).  Thank you, Jana.  
In 2012 I missed the draft altogether due to a conflict in the calendar (a guy must take his wife out for her birthday!) and ended up with a roster that was absolutely dismal (and I finished dead last to prove it).  
And then there is this year.  Not fully understanding the “keeper” system, and true proud to ask, I decided to keep some of my “stars” and was then surprised to find that I had no cap space for upgrades as a result.  
So here we go! 

How is your team looking? I will update you weekly via the comments page. 

Anything But a Fantasy…

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