The Croods…

I have written previously of my deep appreciation of Pixar, and to a much lesser degree, the animation of Dreamworks.  Our family recently sat down to watch The Croods.

Here is where I rank it amongst other films by that particular studio . . .

  1. Kung Fu Panda (2008):  So creative and so hilarious.
  2. How To Train Your Dragon (2010):  The ending is second in sentimentality only to classics such as Toy Story and Up. One can only hope that the sequel will stay true to the original.
  3. The Prince of Egypt (1998):  They did the epic story justice – especially for the era.
  4. Shrek (2001):  So overrated.  Not even close to Monsters Inc. (which it shockingly stomped at the box office).
  5. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011):  Their best sequel.  A great story. Honestly, I can’t wait for the third installment.
  6. Megamind (2010):  A great year for the studio.  Great jokes (though I don’t really want my three year old listening to ACDC?).
  7. Madagascar 2 (2008):  A pattern for DreamWorks.  Releasing an excellent original (KFP) and an entertaining sequel in the same year.  I didn’t care for the first zoo drama – but this one a much lighter tone.
  8. The Croods (2013):  Best action sequences I have seen a long time (as far as computer animation goes).  Colorful.  Playful.  But predictable.  We have been in this world before (can anyone say Ice Age). I do appreciate how the film attempts to address the tension between tradition and innovation.  However, I am a firm believer that before a fence is taken down, we need to first know what is on the other side (but with that, the fence must more often than not still come down).
  9. Turbo (2013): Bugs Life meets Cars.  Spectacular animation.  Subpar story.  Lesson learned: gangster rappers grow up to star in children’s movies.
  10. Madagascar (2005):  Talented cast.  The same cannot be said of the script. I guess it could have been worse (what was Walt Disney exactly thinking with The Wild?).

So with that, Over the Edge is officially out of my top ten.

The Croods…

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