Moon Over Manifest…

Our family continues our adventure through Newbery Medal Award Winners.  Just this evening, we finally finished Moon Over Manifest.

I have updated our rankings accordingly.  Again, the following list does not include the works that did not happen to be award winners (but that we still enjoyed as a family) – such as the seven books included in The Chronicles of NarniaHatchet (an honor recipient), or The Hobbit.

Here is the list to date (along with my respective reviews):

  1. The One and Only Ivan (2013)
  2. Bridge to Terabithia (1978) 
  3. Dead End in Norvelt (2012)
  4. Shiloh (1992)
  5. Holes (1990)
  6. A Wrinkle in Time (1963)
  7. Moon Over Manifest (2011)
My favorite quote from Clare Vanderpool’s work was when she writes, “Maybe the world wasn’t made of universals that could be summed up in need little packages.  Maybe there were just people.  People who were tired and hurt and lonely and kind in their own way and their own time” (144).  Generalizations often dehumanize.  Assumptions, more often than not, miss the story.  
Out of the above list of books, this one had to be the most complicated to fathom.  There was a long list of characters combined with constant flashbacks and flash-forwards.  A whole lot of content for a young reader (or listener) to comprehend.  It did not help that this reading was interrupted several times for a variety of reasons.  That being said, the ending makes all of these obstacles very much worth all of the work.  Though far from my favorite, there was so much creative detail and design that makes up this particular narrative. 

Our next selection will be When You Reach Me.  Has anyone read it?  Feedback?  

Moon Over Manifest…

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