I have done my best to throughly document my love-hate relationship with Disney movies.  That being said, considering how much I enjoyed Tangled, I was very much looking forward to watching the premier of Frozen as part of a special showing at Blue Bridge Church.  

Now that I have seen the tale of Anna and Kristoff, I thought that I would share where I see the film as it rates next to past Disney greats . . . 

10. Robin Hood (great voices)
9. Tangled (Disney is learning from Pixar – hopefully Pixar learns from Pixar)
8. Frozen (Comedy. Surprises. Maybe a few too many songs.  But quality)

7. Aladdin (Robin Williams.  Enough said)
6. Bambi (I can’t believe they killed his mother)
5. Beauty and the Beast (a revival – though short-lived)
4. The Fox and the Hound (I don’t think Walt liked killing animals)
3. Little Mermaid (The ending scared me a bit.  Not going to lie) 
2. The Jungle Book (A story of a man-cub)
1. The Lion King (Wow)

What makes your list?


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