I Don’t Want to Watch Another Kaepernick…

I am the first to admit that I was way off with my preseason predictions.  So please allow me a mulligan.  Here is yet another attempt to pick the winners of this year’s NFL playoffs. 

Again, these are only my predictions and not my preferences (I am asking for mercy from the 12th Man)…

Colts over Chiefs.  Luck will continue to improve.  Kansas City will confirm what everyone had suspected – they are a product of a somewhat easy schedule. 

Bengals outscore the Chargers.   A battle between two quarterbacks who always find a way to disappoint in the postseason.  Rivers is running out of people to point the finger at.  When will he begin to receive the pressure that quarterbacks like Romo and Ryan receive? 

Eagles embarrass the Saints.  New Orleans has never won a playoff game on the road.  They are two different teams.  Unfortunately, this will be the team we don’t want to watch.  At least Who Dat Nation will always have 2010.

Niners hold down the Packers.  Call me crazy . . . but I consider this the real Super Bowl.  Whoever wins this game will win it all.  But believe that Green Bay’s defense will not be enough to walk away the victor… weather permitting. 

Broncos thump the Colts. Manning will not lose this his former team twice in a season.  But if he did, that would mean that Tim Tebow still has more playoff success as a Bronco then he does. 

Patriots eliminate the Bengals.  End of the line for Dalton. 

Niners shock the Seahawks.  I hope that I am wrong.  And I very well could be.  Seattle could easily get two quick turnovers (like they did against the Saints) and the game is as good as over.  However, I have this sneaking suspicion that they will struggle offensively and that this game will come down to the wire.  Defense used to win championships.  The League is changing.  High scores are the way of the future.  And both have formidable defenses.  

Eagles outplay the Panthers.  Cam will not be his self. 

Patriots upset the Broncos. Outside.  January.  I love Manning.  I so wish he was not in a Denver uniform.  But he continues to show us that he struggles in big games.  7 and 11 in the playoffs?  I believe he finishes the season 8-12.  The running game will struggle.  The defense will be in trouble.  Too much for one quarterback.  New England will do so much with so little. 

NFC Championship 
Niners fight off the Eagles.   Chip will not have the answers needed on the other side of the ball. 

Super Bowl
Niners squeak by the Patriots.  This is not the Super Bowl I want to see.  In fact, I cannot think of a worse match up since the Raiders-Bucs game back in 2000.  I don’t even know if my wife will want to watch it.  Who do you root for?  Regardless, the Patriots do all they can – but show themselves (finally) to be outmanned. 
I Don’t Want to Watch Another Kaepernick…

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