The Athena Project…

During the holiday season, I am continuing to read Brad Thor’s Scott Harveth Series.  I just wrapped up his spin-off (which takes place between part nine and ten) titled The Athena Project. 

Here are my rankings (to date) of Thor’s books…. 

  1. Takedown (#5)
  2. The Last Patriot (#7)
  3. The First Commandment (#6) 
  4. State of the Union (#3)
  5. The Lions of Lucerne (#1) 
  6. Foreign Influence (#9)
  7. The Apostle (#8)
  8. Blowback (#4)
  9. Path of the Assassin (#2)
  10. The Athena Project (Athena #1)
To clarify, I am not saying this book is unworthy of a good read – just that the Athena Series is not even comparable to the Harveth sagas (as confirmed by the fact that the author has yet to write a sequel).  
Nevertheless, Athena has a few characters from the Thor novels that make a few unexpected appearances.  Not only that, but it seems that the narrative continues to build towards something much bigger – events that I am sure will soon come to light through future works.  Here are a few more takeaways: 
  • The good news is that Thor continues to challenge himself as an author.  This time he takes a page out of Michael Crichton’s thrillers by mixing science and technology.  
  • The bad news is that the story takes less than four hundred pages to tell and includes more than four main characters.  Therefore there is little character development.  And to make matters worse – far more unnecessary sexual innuendoes.  Though Thor claims to want to honor women in the intelligence community – he actually undermines them by objectifying them.     
Now to return to Scot Harveth in Full Black.  
The Athena Project…

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