Ready, Set, Grow…

I would highly recommend Scott Wilson’s Ready, Set, Grow: Three Conversations That Will Bring Lasting Growth To Your Church

My favorite quote is when Wilson proposes, “We may teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are.  All of us are in the long, slow, painful process of allowing God to change who we are.  If we don’t address impure and destructive motives in our own hearts, we will model those selfish desires to the people around us” (233).

Terrifying.  The greater the influence one has, the greater contribution for lasting transformation.  But also the greater risk of painful damage.  As leaders, we have the opportunity to be agents of health and healing or of dysfunction and division.  Think about those whom you have enjoyed serving for and serving alongside.  I am guessing that these individuals would be the types that equipped and entrusted valuable and meaningful roles and responsibilities with you.  Who saw you as truly a part of the priesthood of all believers – not merely a worker in their Kingdom.  A lover of people does not always translate to being a leader of people – but the opposite should always be the case.

The author later warns, “Don’t try to implement a multiplication strategy unless your life is worth emulating.  Your people will pray like you pray, love like you love, and speak truth like you speak truth.  They will disciple others the way you disciple them” (301).

So what type of leadership team am I multiplying?  What type of churches will our church multiply?  I want to see us move from workers, to equippers, to multipliers.  So much to wrestle with.

A couple of questions to consider…

  • Why is an examination of motives essential when we begin to implement a new leadership strategy?
  • If you were completely honest about your leadership style, which are you: a shepherd or a general?
Ready, Set, Grow…

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