Flora & Ulysses…

My family continues our journey through past Newbery Medal Award Winners.  We just completed Kate Dicamillo’s Flora & Ulysses (this year’s recipient). 

I have updated our rankings accordingly.  Again, the following list does not include the works that did not happen to be award winners (but that we still enjoyed as a family) – such as the seven books included in The Chronicles of NarniaHatchet (an honor recipient), and The Hobbit.

Here is the list to date (along with my respective reviews):

  1. The One and Only Ivan (2013)
  2. Bridge to Terabithia (1978) 
  3. Dead End in Norvelt (2012)
  4. Shiloh (1992)
  5. Flora & Ulysses (2014)
  6. When You Reach Me (2010)
  7. Holes (1990)
  8. A Wrinkle in Time (1963)
  9. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! (2008)
  10. The Graveyard Book (2009)
  11. Moon Over Manifest (2011)
My favorite quote from this book was a dialogue between Flora and her father’s neighbor.  Dr. Meescham observes, “Cynics are people who are afraid to believe.”  
She also questions, “Who knows whom [Ulysses] will save?   So many miracles have not yet happened.”  
And finally, “Even when [miracles] didn’t happen, we were expecting it.  We knew the miraculous would come.”  
This was a fun read.  The second Newbery Award for this author (and believe she has an additional Honor Selection as well).  We have not yet read Despereaux (but will in just a few months at the rate that we are going).
As far as our next selection, we now will begin The Higher Power of Lucky.
Has anyone read this book?  Thoughts? 
Flora & Ulysses…

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