The Blue Parakeet…

The more I read of Scot McKnight, the more I appreciate him (thank you, Troy Farley, for sharing this particular book with me).  He is one of the few academics that is able to translate his teaching to the average follower of Christ.  Intellectual honesty coupled with a love for Christ and his church.

McKnight writes, “Our relationship to the Bible is actually a relationship with the God of the Bible.  We want to emphasize that we don’t ask what the Bible says, we ask what God says to us in that Bible.  The difference is a difference between paper and person.”

He goes on to suggest three common ways to approach the Scripture:

  • Reading to retrieve:  An attempt to return to the times of the Bible in order to retrieve biblical ideas and practices for today (either all if it or only that we we believe can be salvaged).
  • Reading through tradition:  An approach that breeds inflexibility, close-mindedness, arrogance, and stagnation.
  • Reading with tradition:  An attitude which goes back to the Bible so we can move forward through the church and speak God’s Word in our days in our ways.
Have you found that you have perceived the Scriptures at certain times at certain ways?  What can we learn from each conviction?  What are the dangers?
McKnight calls the church back to the third way.  A holistic approach.  One of story, listening, and discerning.
A good read.  A great resource.
The Blue Parakeet…

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