Criss Cross…

Tonight my family completed yet another Newbery Medal Award Winner in Lynne Raye Perkin’s Criss Cross

I have updated my rankings accordingly.  Like I have mentioned many times before, the following list does not include the works that did not happen to make the list of award winners (but that we still enjoyed as a family) such as the seven books included in The Chronicles of NarniaHatchet (an honor recipient), and The Hobbit.

Here is the list to date (along with my respective reviews):

  1. The One and Only Ivan (2013)
  2. Bridge to Terabithia (1978) 
  3. Dead End in Norvelt (2012)
  4. Shiloh (1992)
  5. Flora & Ulysses (2014)
  6. When You Reach Me (2010)
  7. Holes (1990)
  8. A Wrinkle in Time (1963)
  9. The Higher Power of Lucky (2007)
  10. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! (2008)
  11. The Graveyard Book (2009)
  12. Moon Over Manifest (2011)
  13. Criss Cross (2006)
My favorite quote from this book was when the author suggested, “They looked for one another when nothing else was happening, the way you pick up a magazine or look in the cupboard for a snack. Not exactly by accident and not exactly on purpose. You could go out in the world and do new things and meet new people, and then you could come home and just sit on the stoop with someone you had never not known, and watch lightning bugs blink on and off.” 
Not a fan.  Fairly confusing layout (the narrative jumps around quite a bit for a younger listener to be able to follow along) and I found myself skimming over a tad bit of content that I felt was not age-appropriate.  A disappointment to say the least.  
As far as our next selection, let’s hope our luck turns with Kira-Kira.  Has anyone read this book?  Thoughts? 
Criss Cross…

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