Sticky Church…


As I have said before, I really appreciate the heart and teachings of Larry Osborne.  This was just one reason why I was looking forward to finally checking out one of his first books titled Sticky Church

My favorite quote from this particular book is when the author warns, “We’ve had to say no to many great ideas and programs that would have broadened our ministry but blunted our impact”.  

A few questions that I wrestle with…
  1. What would most of the people in one of our small groups say the purpose of their small group is? How well does this match up with what our leadership would describe as the primary purpose?
  2. How does our church measure success or failure in making disciples?  How are we doing?  How do our measurements differ from those used by North Coast Church?
  3. Are there any areas of our small group ministry that have experienced (or are in danger of experiencing) significant mission creep?  Be specific.
Sticky Church…

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