Hidden Order…


I closed out my recent “stay-cation” by catching up on the Brad Thor’s Scott Harveth Series.  After nearly a year after first picking up book one, I finally completed the twelfth installment (not including one spin-off) titled Hidden Order. 

Here are my rankings (to date) of Thor’s books…. 

  1. Takedown (#5)
  2. The Last Patriot (#7)
  3. The First Commandment (#6) 
  4. State of the Union (#3)
  5. The Lions of Lucerne (#1) 
  6. Black List (#11)
  7. Hidden Order (#12)
  8. Foreign Influence (#9)
  9. The Apostle (#8)
  10. Full Black (#10)
  11. Blowback (#4)
  12. Path of the Assassin (#2)
  13. The Athena Project (Athena #1)
My favorite quote was when the author opened with President John F. Kennedy who once proposed, “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” 
Thor continues to explore different conspiracy theories by using uncommon enemies.  He also seems to be playing around with giving Harveth what might be considered a fairly common and comfortable home-life?  Along with that, there are subtle hints of a hero is growing older and hopging to slow down a bit.  Honestly, Hidden Order did not really bring much new to the table.  But I see this as a transitional piece to something much different.  I hope that I am right.  Regardless, Thor never disappoints as a fun and easy read. 
Now, for the first time, I anxiously await the new release (already pre-ordered, of course).  
Until then, I plan to begin a new series during my summer vacation – Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series.  I have heard Reacher even supersedes Mitch Rapp.  Any thoughts? 
Hidden Order…

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