Act of War…

I recently completed the latest release in the Brad Thor’s Scott Harveth Series – this one titled Act of War.  

Here are my rankings (to date) of Thor’s books…. 

  1. Takedown (#5)
  2. The Last Patriot (#7)
  3. The First Commandment (#6) 
  4. State of the Union (#3)
  5. The Lions of Lucerne (#1) 
  6. Black List (#11)
  7. Hidden Order (#12)
  8. Act of War (#13)
  9. Foreign Influence (#9)
  10. The Apostle (#8)
  11. Full Black (#10)
  12. Blowback (#4)
  13. Path of the Assassin (#2)
  14. The Athena Project (Athena #1)
This particular story was good…but not great.  Nothing really that new.  No memorable twists or turns (or quotes).  Maybe I am more critical or this book because it was the first one in the series that I actually had to wait for (I started Harveth just under two years ago).  So maybe my anticipation and expectation was just too high. 
But maybe it wasn’t.  Thor continues to lean on the same antagonists (throwing in new countries for hire – but not much more than that is different) and largely same weapons.  Is there more he can do with Harveth?  The larger storyline was not furthered.  
Let’s hope this changes.  But now I wait another year…
What are your thoughts.  Until then, I plan to continue through Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series.  
Act of War…

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