Under the Dome…

I do not like being scared.  Never have.  Never will.  I can count on one hand how many horror films I have seen and not one of those did I actually enjoy.  I have read just a dozen books in the horror genre . . . most if not all before I made a commitment to Christ.  There has just been zero desire to mess with darkness – especially in the name of entertainment.

That being said, I did appreciate Stephen King’s thriller flicks (i.e. Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) – the emphasis being more on the story and suspense rather than on violence and gore.  You can then imagine my curiosity when my sister-in-law brought a copy of Under the Dome at last year’s vacation to the beach.  She was reading the book because she really was enjoying the television show that was loosely based on the narrative. Upon her recommendation, I decided that I too wanted to check the series out . . . but I needed to read the book first.

Well, I just finished listening to the book this previous month.  And I must say that this was far from a book that I would share with a friend.  King is far too comfortable with suffering and death.  He thinks far too little of humanity.  Always expecting the worst of them.  Never making room for grace and goodness.  Without giving anything away as it concerns the mystery behind the dome, I must say that I hold strongly to the conviction that, if put in a similar situation, that the majority of individuals would respond very differently.  I believe in a God that is good.  In humanity that was created in his image.  And though fallen into sin, I believe that our Creator is still very much in control – that he is still living and active in the lives of those he loves . . . and that a city left to it’s own devices . . . would not be destroyed in this way and in this time period.

That being said, King is a masterful storyteller.  Disturbing – but descriptive.  Only he could come up with a concept like this.

My favorite quote was when one of the characters suggested, “Give a man or woman back his self-respect, and in most cases-not all, but most-you also give back that person’s ability to think with at least some clarity.”

I will watch the show.  Several people have told me it is very different – and not as dark.  I am looking forward to seeing what those particular writers come up with.

Under the Dome…

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