Bountygate Bad…

This fantasy football season will be memorable indeed.  A few friends from Blue Bridge Church have come together to start a Keeper League.  Sixteen of us, to be exact.  Should be a great challenge.  My obvious strength lies in my running backs.  But let’s see if they will be strong enough.

The good news is that this league might very well bring me closer to my wife.  As many of you know, I am a Saints fan.  This has obviously been a point of contention between my 12th Man of a wife and myself.  However, I now have a legitimate reason to pull for the Hawks (when they are not facing Who Dat Nation, of course).  I drafted Russell Wilson.  I did so for two reasons.  First, I thought he would bring me a diverse amount of points.  Second, because I thought he would be a great quarterback for the future (as it pertains to the Keeper format).

So with that, go Bountygate!

Bountygate Bad…

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