Child’s Enemy…


I had the time, during summer vacation, to finish the eighth book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series (I had to go out of order because the sixth and seventh installments did not ship in time for my trip to the beach).  

Honestly, I am not usually a fan of prequels.  They lack the suspense that a continuation tends to bring.  And yet, this one happened to be one of my favorites.  Child becomes a better writer nearly with each book.  I also enjoyed the fact that he chose the first person as the voice of the narrator (something he has not done since his original book).  This prequel was intentional in subtly revealing the reasons why Reacher became who he was while still leaving the door open for a few more mysteries in this period of his life (which I don’t believe he has done so to-date).  
My favorite quote was when Reacher proposed, “This was like July 13th, 1943, the pivotal day of the Battle of the Kursk. We were like Alexander Vasilevsky, the Soviet general. If we attacked now, this minute, we had to keep on and on attacking until the enemy was run off his feet and the war was won. If we bogged down or paused for breath even for a second, we would be overrun again.” 
That quotation probably resonated with me so much because I have been to that region and have witnessed the sites of those epic tank battles.  Child had a lot of fun with the armory issue facing the US Military in the latter part of the twentieth century (which brings a lot to the overall story)   
Here is where I rank each installment thus far…

  1. Tripwire (#3):  Vietnam and Wall-Street 
  2. Killing Floor (#1):  Currency and Counterfeiting 
  3. Enemy (#8): Cold War and Cover-Ups
  4. Echo Burning (#5):  Immigration and Domestic Violence 
  5. Running Blind (#4):  Sexual Harassment and Serial Killers 
  6. Die Trying (#2):  Extremists and Militias  
I plan to continue this series during the Winter holidays. 
Child’s Enemy…

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