Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples…

I just completed Francis Chan’s Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples.  Let me first say that I agree with much of the content contained within this book.  In fact, Chan’s heartbeat resonates with me in many ways.  Some of his past works have spoken to me at moments that I needed the encouragement the most.

And yet, this particular resource is far from my favorite.  This large study guide felt like two very different books meshed into one.  At first, Multiply was an invitation to join Christ on the mission.  Then, with little warning, it became nothing more than simple Bible survey.  I understand that he was attempting to frame our part in the story within the context of God’s greater story – he just did not do so with much clarity or intentionality.

I sense, at times, that Chan falls into the trap of several current Christian authors – releasing books to fulfill contractual obligations rather than releasing books to add to the larger conversation.  I hope that this is not the case.  Maybe the pressure the author feels after writing one (or two) great books is just too much to overcome.

Regardless, I appreciate the heart of Chan and will continue to look forward to what he produces in the future.

Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples…

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