The Gipper…

I said this already as part of my Mickey Mantle review, but if you are a fan of George Gipp (specifically Ronald Reagan’s portrayal of the sports icon in Knute Rockne All American), then you do not want to read The Gipper.  Truth is, more often than not, stranger than fiction… it also can be that more raw and difficult to read.  As an avid Notre Dame fan, I could not resist picking this book up.  And I am not necessarily disappointed that I did.  I just have to accept the fact that some of the lore behind the Four Horseman era of the Fighting Irish is just that… lore.

Though a bit repetitive at times, the author generally does a fantastic job of shining a light on college football in the early twentieth century.  You think that the present game is corrupt?  Today’s struggles are nothing compared to one hundred years ago.  These glaring inconsistencies were only heightened through the stars of its day.

Check Jack Cavanaugh’s book and let me know what you think.

The Gipper…

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