Creation Regained…

I recently completed one of the most insightful books that I have ever read in Albert M. WoltersCreation Regained.  Though I do not fully endorse the reformed view (I sense that the Truth and Life of Christ is found somewhere in the middle or center of Calvinistic or Armenian thought – in fact the global and historical church existed far before either movement ever began), I appreciate the author’s ability to call Christ followers to discover and define their worldview based on the Kingdom of God.

Such an approach is grounded in the conviction of creation, fall, and redemption.  For example, the gospel begins with a God who is good rather than a humanity that is bad.  This perspective changes everything.  With that in mind, the author proposes, “The ramifications of the basic confession [of the goodness of all creation] are far-reaching, especially if we recognize that creation includes everything wrought by God’s wisdom (including such institutions as marriage).  It is the biblical antidote to all worldviews, religions, and philosophies that single out some feature or features of the created order as the cause of the human predicament, whether that be the body, temporality, finitude, emotionality, authority, rationality, individuality, technology, culture, or what have you.  All of these have been scapegoats that have drawn attention away from the real root of the trouble, human religious mutiny against the Creator and his laws for the world – a mutiny that most assuredly is not part of God’s creation and its goodness.  Deeply ingrained in the children of Adam is the tendency to blame some aspect of creation (and by implication the Creator) rather than their rebellion for the misery of their condition” (598).

Read the book and let me know what you think!


Creation Regained…

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