I recently finished reading Dino Rizzo’s Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving.  My favorite quote from the book can be found on Instagram.

Never leaving a city the same.  I pray that this is the life and legacy of Blue Bridge Church.  That we serve our surrounding cities unapologetically and unequivocally.  That our motives are clear . . . we will not show acts of kindness and compassion because we hope people will attend our church but because we are the church.  Though we have had Serve Tri-Cities events even before we launched weekly gatherings (and have had such projects every month since), I strongly believe that our best days are ahead.  That we have only scratched the surface on who we serve, how we serve, and what happens because we serve.

A side note on this book.  I just discovered that Rizzo had to step down a couple of years ago for disciplinary and restorative measures.   As always when I hear of such news, I am saddened at his current situation but hopeful at the signs that he is walking through a Christ-centered process.  Another reminder to each of us, me in particular, that in the midst of working in our communities we cannot forget that Jesus must still work in us.  Join me in praying for the author, his family, and the church that is walking through this unfortunate transition.


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