Slow Church…

A friend recently asked me to read Christopher Smith and John Pattison’s Slow Church.  And I am glad that I did!  What a refreshing look at the meaning and mission of a Christ-centered community within the community.

My favorite quote (which there were many) was when the authors suggested, “In addition to the transience of their members, churches themselves face a crisis of hypermobility. Many churches have put down only shallow roots in their neighborhood, or no roots at all. We’ve all heard the question, “If our church suddenly moved to a new location fifteen miles away, would anyone in our neighborhood notice we were gone?” But what if we asked ourselves this question: “If our church was magically lifted off the ground and moved to a location fifteen miles away, would we notice the difference?” Western churches have become so disentangled from their own places that this question could be a cold, hard look in the mirror for many faith communities.” 

With that in mind, I pray for Blue Bridge Church.  Our hope and vision is to have a second site by the end of our second year – just about one year from today.  May he guide our steps to find the right location . . . the right neighborhood.  That we go where the people are rather than expect them to come to us.  That we are a sending-church.  Second, our goal is to have our first hub (some sort of land or property) by our fifth year anniversary.  This more permanent place needs will speak volumes about what we believe and how we live those beliefs out.  May that space be utilized in a very special way (I pray it is in the Columbia Center Mall!).  

Pray with us…


Slow Church…

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