The Boys Daring Greatly…

I have mentioned many times before of my book exchange with Ryan Smith.  A couple of years ago, we rescheduled the event around Christmas.  This year’s selections were…

  • I gave my friend The Boys in the Boat.  This was my very favorite read of 2014.  I had to show Ryan that there is such a thing as good sports history (since he did not care for The Boys of Summer).
  • He purchased another leadership development resource for me – this one being Daring Greatly.  Really looking forward to getting to it!   
Now, for those who have been keeping track . . . 
  • I have now pulled from genres which include Sports History (twice), Children’s Literature, Fiction, Theology (twice), and Leadership.     
  • He has now sent me works that cover Leadership (twice), Christian Living, Travel, Theology (twice), and Fiction.  
What does this say about us?
I already cannot wait for Round Eight.  A good man, that Ryan is.
The Boys Daring Greatly…

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