Christ in Conflict…

One of my (many) all-time favorite authors is John Stott (and his revised version of Christ in Conflict: Lessons from Jesus and His Controversies did not disappoint).  I was fortunate enough to be provided a copy directly from the publisher for review purposes.  

Some of my favorite quotes can be found on Instagram and my favorite chapter dealt with the dispute between Jesus and the Pharisees on the topic of morality…

  1. The new birth is indispensable:  Since the heart is the source of the “evils” people do and say, a change in behavior requires a change of heart. 
  2. God looks on the heart:  We keep God’s law, not with a reluctant, external conformity, but with a willing, inward conformity of mind and will and heart.  
  3. The moral takes precedence over the ceremonial:  What defiles people in God’s sight is not what is on their outside but on their inside – the evil thoughts of the heart. 
  4. People matter more than things:  Compassion means more than ceremonial rules. 
Christ in Conflict…

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