Anyone But Kentucky (or Duke), Please…

I have always disliked Duke.  Aside from Coach K, no thank you.  But I used to be able to rely on Kentucky as a worthy opponent – a program that a fan could believe in.  Imagine my frustration and disappointment as the Wildcats have slowly but surely become almost as evil as the Empire with all their one-and-done blue chip players and perfect regular seasons.  Who will be able to do what no one has been able to do thus far this year?

How far will my Irish go (one of the hottest teams in the nation)?  Whatever you do, please don’t remind me that Notre Dame’s head coach came from the tutelage of the Blue Devils.  Is nothing left sacred?

I took some risks this year… but not the risk (I am not that careless).  So without further ado, here are my 2015 selections.  What are yours?


Anyone But Kentucky (or Duke), Please…

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