Pixar’s Inside Out…

I love the emotions of Pixar… but not as much as I used to.  The storytelling has become far more predictable than in the earliest years.  Aside from Toy Story, the sequels have added little to nothing to the brand.  That being said, 2014 being the year without a release, was a very long year!  That, coupled with Amy Poehler, made me very excited to watch Inside Out!  

Honestly, I was a tad disappointed.  My expectations were far too high.  After giving some more thought, this film is growing on me.  The depth of the story – the way the movie dealt with despair – is absolutely astounding (especially given that the writers were addressing a multi-generational audience).  I am not ready to say that Pixar is back to golden-age status (they have a lot of sequels still in the pipeline).  But they did the audience good. 
That being said, here are my rankings to date…

15) Cars 2 (2011): A way to sell more toys.  
14) Brave (2012): Too many directors – too little direction.  
13) Wall-E (2008): We get it.  You hate consumerism and love the environment.  
12) A Bug’s Life (2001): The infamous sophomore slump.  How would anyone hope to follow Toy Story
11) Ratatouille (2007):  Didn’t feel like a Pixar movie at all.  Disney will always have only one mouse.  

10) Monsters University (2013):  No Boo.  No magic.  But it was nice to see old friends – at least the ones who were invited to the party. 
9) Inside Out (2015):  The best cast since Toy Story.  

8) Toy Story 2 (2002):  I could have done without sequels altogether – but if you are going to do a sequel, this is the story to tell….
7) The Incredibles (2005): Unique and underrated.  
6) Cars (2006): Where are the people? 
5) Up (2009): The first twenty minutes makes me cry every time. 
4) Toy Story 3 (2010): A fitting end to a wonderful story… until the fourth movie is released in 2018. 
3) Finding Nemo (2004): Probably the best animation of all the releases to date.  
2) Monsters, Inc. (2003): I can’t explain why I love this movie so much. But I do.  
1) Toy Story (2000): Nothing beats the original.  

Where do you agree or disagree?  
Pixar’s Inside Out…

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