Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family…

I recently finished reading the latest book from one of my favorite family life authors, Michelle Anthony, titled Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family.  

One of my favorite chapters proposed 4 Steps in Responding to Today’s Families…

  1. Intake (offering listening/love):  Give eye contact, undivided attention, and verbal cues to allow your child or spouse to know he or she is being heard.
  2. Investigate (offering counsel):  Receive counsel from God’s perspective first.  Investigate His Word or receive counsel from your pastor or other Christian friends.
  3. Instigate (offering encouragement and confidence):  Ask questions to help your family member determine what this step should be.  But, ultimately, this is where you really want to partner with God’s Spirit to have your child or other family member hear from God (not merely your voice telling him what to do).
  4. Integrate (offering support):  Determine who will hold your family member accountable for the long run.
Check this book out (or any of her previous works) and let me know what you think.
Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family…

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