The Affair…


While wrapping up a short StayCation, I was able to delve into the sixteenth book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of prequels.  They tend to lack the drama and suspense.  The reader already knows the end of the story.  Child is the exception.  Both prequels (this novel as well as The Enemy) both add to the overall narrative.  You find yourself saying, “That’s why Reacher does what Reacher does!”  
Here is where I rank each book thus far…
  1. Tripwire (#3):  Vietnam and Wall-Street 
  2. Killing Floor (#1):  Currency and Counterfeiting 
  3. Gone Tomorrow (#13):  Subways and Afghanistan
  4. The Affair (#16):  Midnight Trains and Kosovo
  5. The Enemy (#8): Cold War and Cover-Ups
  6. Without Fail (#6):  Secret Service and National Politics
  7. Persuader (#7):  Drug Smuggling and Kidnapping 
  8. Echo Burning (#5):  Immigration and Domestic Violence 
  9. Worth Dying For (#15):  Farming and Human Trafficking 
  10. 61 Hours (#14):  Prison Towns and Drug Smuggling
  11. One Shot (#9): Assassinations and Soviet Prisons
  12. Running Blind (#4):  Sexual Harassment and Serial Killers 
  13. Die Trying (#2):  Extremists and Militias  
  14. The Hard Way (#10):  Mercenaries and Missing People
  15. Bad Luck and Trouble (#11):  Special Units and Terrorism 
  16. Nothing To Lose (#12):  Veterans and Christians
I plan to catch up on the entire series by the end of this summer (initially with A Wanted Man). Has anyone read it?  
The Affair…

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